EU-25 Watch No. 2


Topics discussed in EU-25 Watch, No. 2 / January 2006

·    The constitutional crisis of the EU and strategies for a way out of the crisis
·    The future of EU Enlargement:
·    The future for the financial framework 2007/13
·    The initiatives for a revitalisation of the Lisbon Agenda
·    The EU’ s role in the world: CFSP/ESDP
·    Upcoming issues and events in the countries
·    Priorities and perspectives of the EU 2005-2009

This survey was conducted on the basis of a questionnaire that has been elaborated in June and July 2005 by all participating institutes. Most reports were delivered by November 2005.

The Institute for European Politics (IEP) in Berlin coordinates and edits EU-27 Watch. The IEP is grateful to the Otto Wolff-Foundation, Cologne, for supporting the IEP’s research activities in the field of “Enlargement and neighbourhood policy of the EU” and thus for contributing to this project.

EU-27 Watch No. 2 is part of EU-CONSENT, a network of excellence for joint research and teaching comprising more than 50 research institutes that addresses questions of the mutual reinforcing effects of deepening and widening of the EU. EU-CONSENT is supported by the European Union’s 6th Framework Programme.