No obstacles envisaged to ratification

The timetable for ratification is regarded as realistic – both the government and opposition in the Parliament of Malta already voted in favour of the previous reform (constitutional) treaty in 2006.
The citizens of Malta and Gozo are very well informed of the basic parameters of the reform treaty. This is the result of the previous public relations campaign run by the government and the EU Commission representative in Malta.
The main debate concerning the European Union in Malta towards the end of 2007 has been on the introduction of the EURO on January 1st 2008. While most sectors favour the introduction of the single currency, fears of a rise inflation have also been widespread. The main reference to the reform treaty by the media and by both main political parties, the Nationalist Party in government and the Labour Party in opposition, has been the positive development of Malta gaining a sixth seat in the European Parliament.
There are no obstacles envisaged to ratification of the reform treaty with a consensus existing at a political level and no debate whatsoever of the possibility of a EU referendum. With a general election due to take place in the first half of 2008, probably in the first quarter of 2008, local issues have been dominating most of the political debate in Malta.
The debate on the decision to establish a ‘Committee of Wise Men’ has not been widely reported in Malta and thus has not generated any significant debate in the media or among the people.