The EU’s response to the financial crisis generally seen as mostly positive

Austrian Institute of International Affairs
The EU’s overall performance in reaction to the financial crisis is perceived highly positive, the president of the “Austrian Chambers of Commerce”, (“Wirtschaftskammer Österreich”, WKÖ) Christoph Leitl outlined the measures taken by Nicolas Sarkozy in France to fight the crisis and evaluated them as a way to follow.[1] Another positive statement was made by the Member of European Parliament Andreas Mölzer from the Austrian Freedom Party (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ), he stated that the Euro had proved itself during the financial crisis.[2] He also hoped for the European Central Bank to continue its work in the present way and for the Euro to behave as a shield against international financial gamblers.[3]
Former Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, stated in a press release that Europe’s reaction to the financial and bank crisis was right and very ambitious. He also emphasised that Europe had proved of being capable of acting properly in such critical situations.[4]

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[2] The FPÖ represents the right wing and national interests and is highly EU sceptical.

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